A Brief History



New Mexico Tech's Office for Student Learning hires Garrett Massey as their web developer. He spends the next year developing a dynamic system to keep track of tutor's biographies, contact information, and scheduled hours.


Garrett develops a .txt based data storage system that allows for easy updates to tutors schedules for the website. Students can now find out when a particular tutor is working and where.


Garrett comes up with the idea to expand his .txt based data storage system with a SQL database and a front-end user interface. He develops a series of algorithms that keep track of tutors hours and classes, and cross references these for a master schedule.


By late 2017, the first version of Solist was born. The program required crude inputs from someone who knew the system in order for data to be formatted correctly, but it was able to process and cross reference "employees" with "tasks" and "skills" to create a comprehensive schedule for the OSL.


Realizing the code base was too complex to maintain, Garrett began moving Solist over to a framework for future development. The framework cleaned up the system, organized the code, and allowed for the creation of new features.


Solist α is released to a select few businesses for testing before a full public beta release.