More power, Less Effort

Solist takes the time out of time management. Our features allow shift managers and business owners to easily keep track of every employee's shift, approve changes to schedules, adjust hours, and more, all from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or computer.*

Out-of-the-box Features


Real-Time Calculations

Need to know when all of the tutors for a specific class are working? Solist automatically generates timesheets and keeps them updated every time.


Time Control

Set up custom controls for your organizations. Not open on Saturdays? Not a problem. Need at least one employee working at all times? No worries.


Employee Management

Manage your staff or team like never before. Set time restrictions, manage current and former staff, view schedules, performance, reviews, and more.



Approve or deny shift and schedule changes with the notifications panel. See what your team needs from you, when they need it.



Sick? Need someone to cover an empty shift? No problem. Use Solist to ask a colleague to cover for you and notify a manager.


Settings Control

Have full control over the schedule. Create user types like tutors, managers, and admins, and manage employee tasks and skills from the admin menu.



Let students and staff set appointments with members of your team, and let your team view the appointments in a queue. Never worry about lines or waiting again.



See how your team is performing with statistics. Watch trends in queuing, appointments, and requests, and take advantage of data to make your team more efficient.



Learn new features easily with our feature discovery tools. If you or your team still need help, you can always submit a support ticket without ever leaving the platform.

* Some features may be subject to change at the discretion of the developer. While Solist is in Alpha (α) testing, features may be added or dropped without notice based on feedback of existing Alpha Testing participants. To request a feature, submit a report in your Solist dashboard. For more information regarding existing features in Solist α, visit the release notes.